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1:1 Tutoring for All Ages, All Levels, All Subjects

Personalized Packages

ON DEMAND 1:1 for 100% Safety & Comfort 

Providing Online Learning since 2001

AI Algorithms Produce Actionable Data

Meet Some of our Cambridge Expert Tutors


Jeannie Reed

Math Tutor

For 25 years, Ms.Reed has been a classroom teacher in Ohio and Michigan.


Shanea Hall-Williams

All Subjects Tutor

Ms. Hall-Williams loves to work individually with struggling students. She has a unique ability to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


Sarina Fuegro

Spanish & English Tutor

Miss Figeuro comes to us after working in the inner city classroom with special needs students. She is an expert ELL tutor.


MaryLou Stark

All Subjects Tutor

Mrs. Stark has been involved in all aspects of online learning from curriculum development to online teaching and teaching teachers!


Susan Tree-Plunt

Science & Math Tutor

Miss Tree-Plunt is a higher math and science genius. Ask her anything and she has the answers.

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Arlene Catalonia

Elementary, Middle & High School Tutor

For a number of decades, students around the world have benefitted from

Mrs. Catalonia's love of teaching.

Cambridge Expert Tutors Advantage

  • Certified Teachers
  • Accredited Curriculum
  • Affordable Rates
  • Personalized Packages
  • Background Checked, Vetted Tutors
  • Easy to Use Scheduling Tool
  • State of the Art Video Conferencing Tools
  • Expert Tutors work with one student at a time
  • Schedule Expert Tutors at your convenience
  • No Hidden Fees or Expenses
  • Highly Qualified Tutors in Every Subject
  • Students are Motivated, Inspired and Growing

Now More Than Ever - Your Child Deserves Private 1:1 Expert Tutors 


The classroom teacher is often unable to unleash the learning potential of each student.


Cambridge Academy was created more than 20 years ago to provide a MultiMedia Rich, Engaging and Interactive online homeschooling program for K-12. In response to popular demand, we have expended our Award Winning online program to include personalized tutoring sessions crafted to each student’s unique learning style.


Our student-driven, interactive approach sets Cambridge apart. 


We immediately facilitated success for students who had struggled with the rigid educational system and similar tutoring services.


Our 1:1 Expert Tutoring services help children regain their confidence when it came to learning—something we wanted to share with students globally!

How Does 1:1 Online Tutoring Work?

An online tutor works with your student in a virtual environment and is available for help on an as-needed basis or provides regular tutoring sessions depending on your child's academic needs.

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How Often Do Tutors Work with my student?

Our Expert Tutors work 1:1 with students from one session to week up to 5 sessions per week .Each session i one hour. You determine the amount of sessions you order. We will help you decide the appropriate amount and timing of sessions based on your goals.

We offer Special Packages to fit every budget.

How Many Tutoring Sessions Do I Need?


A number of factors determine the recommended length of our Expert Tutoring services.

  1. How many grade levels the student is behind.

  2. The age and abilities of the student.

  3. The existence of any diagnosed learning disabilities.

  4. The amount of the family budget.

  5. The overall goals and objectives for each child.

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What type of Expert Tutoring is Available?

We provide all types of tutoring:

  • Math 

  • Science

  • English as a second language, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary

  • Languages

  • Advanced Placement Test Prep

  • Standardized Test Prep

  • SAT and ACT Prep

Cambridge Expert Tutors Matching Service

We will match you with the Expert Tutor of your dreams. Complete our 5 minute online application and we will email you the Expert Tutor that best matches your wish list.  

Tell us your preferences. Tell us about your child's strengths, weaknesses, temperament, and personality. We will ask questions to determine your student's multiple intelligences and learning styles.

Not happy? We will switch you until you are 100% happy.


Artificial Intelligence Provides Actionable Data

  • Data to drive automated online instruction and the lessons to fill gaps

  • Data that identifies gaps for all students.

  • Data to create a prescriptive path for personalized learning.

  • Data to identify what concepts require differentiated learning materials.

  • Tools to monitor students remotely.

  • Tools to provide monthly Progress Reports of student gains.

  • Easy to Use Parent Portal for Scheduling & Accounting

  • Data to support the needs of special education students and families.

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Take the First Step Now

With our Online Expert Tutors, will see real results. However, our services go well beyond test results and homework scores. Our tutors will equip your student with the life skills they need to tackle any subject, academic or otherwise. These skills include time management, organization, planning, and prioritization skills. 

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