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the cambridge academy vision


Our mission is to provide families with a world-class PreK-12 online private school that does not sacrifice academic quality for convenience, does not cater to a specific religious or political subculture, and nurtures the natural curiosity for learning that all children have.

The ability of the public school has been under scrutiny for the last several decades. Millions of parents have chosen to take matters into their own hands by educating their children at home. In an effort to win back these parents, public schools have responded by creating dozens of public online (or virtual) charter schools. Unfortunately, these charter schools have proven to provide educational programs inferior to even the public school education they sought to reform. Studies show that students graduating from these public charter schools perform more poorly on tests than their public school counterparts. Secondly, parents had to give up much of the freedom and control of home education in order to enroll in these public programs. The Cambridge Academy was born to provide the academic quality, affordability, freedom, and control of home education with the convenience and support of a private school.

At The Cambridge Academy, we provide children with a way to actually learn, not just memorize and recite unrelated factual information. We want our students to attain a cohesive understanding of the subject matter. We want to foster each child's innate desire for learning while engaging each child through multiple learning styles.

We accomplish this goal using a unique, state of the art online homeschooling program that uses a variety of multimedia applications to engage and enrich the student. Our online homeschool program is changing the way people think about education.

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