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Learning with Virtual Reality

The Pioneers of Online Learning now bring you Virtual Reality Learning



Learning with Virtual Reality is the next best thing to being there. With a VR Headset (purchased on Amazon for $9.95) and an enrollment in any of our Full Year Grades K-12, your students can experience Field Trips to almost anywhere, even microscopic spaces and outter space. Limited only by their imaginations,

our exclusive Library of VR/AR Adventures grows daily.

The best learning is by doing. Rather than sitting in front of a screen or book, our unique VR/AR Adventures

immerse students in spectacular 360º environments

that enhance and complement their real-world exploration and play.

Thrilled by the sensation that they are really there, our students become thoroughly engaged for hours. And they return again and again.

VR/AR Adventures are not available with Single Courses.


Your cost: $9.95 on

VR Headset V3 - Deep Immersive Virtual Reality Experience on 3D Movies & Games, Mini Compact Light Weight & Comfortable, fits iPhone Samsung Galaxy

VR/AR Adventures


can be used on

any VR Headset

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Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 7.16.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 7.17.36 PM.png
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How can virtual reality help students?

There are so many ways in which virtual reality can help students but the main points are below:


1. Students learn better through experience

VR provides students an opportunity to learn through experience, in contrast to the traditional methods of reading and writing.


2. VR has the ability to inspire

Being able to see and experience extraordinary locations within the classroom is completely unique to VR and it is inspirational to students.


3. VR sparks the imagination and encourages creative thinking

The immersive experience that VR provides is unparalleled in teaching. Students are “transported” out of the classroom and their imagination is allowed to flourish.


4. VR in education promotes peer interaction

Throughout the VR experience, students are encouraged to interact with each other. Afterwards, they are eager to share their thoughts and discuss their experiences.


5. VR engages students

Many students get bored with classic teaching methods. The modern technology of VR gets students’ attention like nothing else. We find that students instantly want to try out the VR.


6. VR provides realistic travel experiences

Using VR, schools can provide students with travel experiences that would not be possible or practical. Schools can save time and money whilst providing students with incredible experiences.


7. VR in the classroom is inclusive

With VR, every student gets the same opportunity to enjoy the experience. Unlike traditional school trips that can be too expensive for parents or too impractical for their children, VR is for all students.


8. VR offers memorable educational experiences

Long after the VR has finished, students remember the experience and they are eager to reflect on it in future lessons.

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