Cancel Anytime 

Pay Only for What You Need*

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* To qualify for Official Transcript you must complete 180 days of instructional time as per Florida Department of Education regulations. The Transcript is $79.00.
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Regular Tuition for 1 Year  (With Teachers): $3600.00

33% Discount for Paying in Full:   $2412.00

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New Students:  $125.00 

Returning Students: $49.00

Non-Refundable & Required for Each Student

Single Courses (access for 1 year)

With Teachers:          $399.00    (no monthly option)

Without Teachers:   $199.00   (no monthy option)

Additional Fees (as needed )

Official Transcript  (upon request)   $79.00

Diploma   (in leather bound cover)  $199.00

Transcript Credit Transfer:         $20.00 per credit

HomeSchool Credit Transfer:   $30.00 per credit

Letter of Enrollment/Withdrawal  (non-refundable):    $19.00