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5 Major Benefits of Summer School

Summer school offers a great opportunity to retake a class for a better grade, catch up on credits, or take a fun elective. However, many students are averse to the idea of losing opportunities to travel, work a summer job, or play on with a sports team. Options For Youth’s FREE summer school program offers all of the above opportunities without sacrificing the freedoms of summer. Below are just a few of the benefits OFY offers.

1. Stave Off Summer Learning Loss

While you may enjoy the long break from school, research shows that your educational progress does not. On average, students lose more than two and half months’ worth of grade equivalency in math skills during summer vacation, and low-income students typically also lose two or more months’ worth of reading performance. These losses often aren’t recuperated come fall, instead accumulating over years, resulting in students performing significantly below their grade level. Summer learning loss contributes to higher dropout rates, particularly among low-income students, and fewer students heading off to college after graduation. OFY helps students stay focused during the summer and catch up where they have fallen behind.

2. Don’t Fall Behind

Failing a class can have a snowball effect on your education—it can stop you from earning the required number of credits and/or specific courses you need to graduate. Repeating a previously failed class during the school year can add extra stress to your already full schedule, and if you fail too many classes, repeating a grade may seem like the only option. Summer school eliminates these problems, and with OFY’s online classes and flexible schedules, you can earn up to 15 credits and still enjoy the freedoms of summer.

3. Get Ahead and Graduate Early

Complete up to three classes this summer! OFY’s guided independent study lets you work at a pace that best suits your learning style, allowing you to spend more time on concepts you struggle with and move quickly through subjects in which you excel. Complete electives, get ahead on history, or finish up your language requirements and graduate early.

4. Focus on Just One Class at a Time

Unlike the regular school year, summer school allows you to focus on just one class at a time. This is especially helpful when retaking a class for a better grade—you won’t be distracted with other difficult classes. OFY’s guided independent study summer school allows you to complete most of your work from home, removing further distractions and the stress of a crowded classroom.


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